Katerena Kuksenok

PhD, MS in Computer Science & Engineering from University of Washington
BA in Applied Math; Computer Science from Oberlin College, Ohio, US
CV PDF (Aug '16) Reach me at: firstname.lastname@gmail.com

I am interested in the process of software production and engineering, particularly in how people learn and collaborate. Currently, I am undertaking post-doctoral study at Hasso-Plattner Institut with Prof. Dr. Robert Hirschfeld, in the Software Architecture group. My training is in Computer Science and Engineering with a focus on Human-Computer Interaction, and I study sociotechnical systems using a combination of qualitative Interviews, surveys, ethnographic observation; user research and quantitative Natural language processing, machine learning, stats as appropriate methods. I completed my PhD at the University of Washington with Prof.s James Fogarty and Cecilia Aragon. My dissertation Come see a short talk about this on May 17th, 2016 evening at Vermillion gallery in Seattle, at the Seattle Science Slam!
is on Influence apart from Adoption: How Interaction between Programming and Scientific Practices Shapes Modes of Inquiry in Four Oceanography Teams. Here is a short, 6-minute-read version with just the figures and implications: Code Work in Science: How it changes and Why is matters how we talk about change.

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Here's a video of a panel I (left) was on - moderated by Nick Denton, Gawker Media founder (right) - about the role of social media in political action. (Budapest '14)

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No Favorite Languages


Talking about RoboCup robot soccer to the press at IranOpen competitions. Later, at a bus station, I saw myself on Iranian TV giving an interview! (Tehran '15)

I do not have a favorite programming language, but currently I'm using Python (in Jupyter Notebook environment), C++ (in the Arduino environment) and Java (in the Processing3 environment). Relational databases have always made me smile, but they're not part of my life right now.

I also do not have a favorite people-language, but I speak English, Russian, and Ukrainian with a native proficiency. I am actively learning German, and looking for study partners or people interested in language exchange, who want to learn one of the languages I already know!

(You may also know me as: Kateryna Kuksenok, Katie Kuksenok, Katja Kuksenok, Kt Kuksenok. Feel free to use any! I prefer Katja or Katerena (emphasis on the "re" syllable, pronounced as in "reykjavik," not as in "scream". But, in fact, I do not mind!)