Where in the world is Katie K?

Katerena Kuksenok

Doctoral candidate at University of Washington Computer Science & Engineering (expected June 2016)
Advised by Cecilia Aragon and James Fogarty; part of the Human-Centered Data Science Lab
MS in Computer Science from UW; BA in Applied Math and Computer Science from Oberlin College
CV/Resume [pdf]

Research interests:
how groups of people use technological tools, interventions, and resources
how the emotional experiences of people shape and are shaped by the use of technology
under what conditions technology succeeds or fails to empower the social work around it

Teaching philosophy:
build skills up in a way that empowers the student to break things and learn from her failures
provide enough context for the student to formulate plausible (if wrong) hypotheses before acting
incorporate peer critique in a way that makes failures fun and an impetus for more experimentation

Selected Research Projects

From left to right: (1) the time I was on a panel in Budapest with two philosophers and Nick Denton (Gawker Media founder), speaking about the role of social media in revolutions (see full video). (2) the time (one of multiple) I was giving press interviews about robots in the IranOpen 2015 RoboCup competition; later on, taking a trip through Iran by bus, I saw myself on Iranian TV in the bus station (more on what I was doing with soccer-playing robots). (3) the time I realized I am a poet. (4) the time I presented my first major brainchild at an international conference in Paris.

How To Do User Research

Art, Love, and Craft

Peer-Reviewed Publications

C. Chen, L. White, T. Kowalewski, R. Aggarwal, C. Lintott, B. Comstock, K. Kuksenok, C. Aragon, D. Holst, and T. Lendvay. Crowd-Sourced Assessment of Technical Skills (C-SATS): A Novel Method to Evaluate Surgical Performance. Journal of Surgical Research 2013.

K. Kuksenok, M. Brooks, Q. Wang, C. P. Lee. Challenges and Opportunities for Technology in Foreign Language Classrooms. CHI 2013. (Best Paper Honorable Mention)

K. Kuksenok, J. Mankoff, M. Brooks. Accessible Online Content Creation by End Users. CHI 2013.

M. Brooks, K. Kuksenok, M. K. Torkildson, D. Perry, J. J. Robinson, T. J. Scott, O. Anicello, A. Zukowski, P. Harris, C. Aragon. Statistical Affect Detection in Collaborative Chat. CSCW 2013.

T. J. Scott, K. Kuksenok, M. Brooks, C. Aragon. Adapting Grounded Theory to Construct A Taxonomy of Affect in Collaborative Online Chat. SIGDOC 2012.

J. Mankoff, K. Kuksenok, S. Kiesler, J. Rode, K. Waldman. Competing Online Viewpoints and Models of Chronic Illness. CHI 2011.