Katerena Kuksenok

Doctoral candidate at University of Washington Computer Science & Engineering (expected graduation: Spring 2016)

Resume [pdf] | Blog [medium/@anachrobot]

Human-Centered Data Science

I am available as a contract researcher who can:

Ongoing Research Projects

The ocean is an incredible frontier for scientists who study its geology, biology, chemistry, and physics. Sensors generate treasure-troves of data, making standardization, collaboration, and analysis even more difficult. My dissertation is on adoption - and adaptation - of data science in oceanography. See short abstract to be presented at the CSCW 2015 Doctoral Colloquim [pdf]

Social media is used extensively by activists and governments, despite arguments against its effectivenesss. In an ongoing project, I am studying how activists use social media in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. See blog post

Experience & Education

I have a Master's in Computer Science from the University of Washington. I did human-centered data science as a contract researcher at Amazon, and interned with Google and Facebook. My doctoral research is funded by fellowships from the National Science Foundation and AT&T, and scholarships from Microsoft and Palantir. Resume (Nov. 2014)

As a PhD student in my fifth year, I am co-advised by James Fogarty (UW CSE) and Cecilia Aragon (UW Human Centered Design and Engineering) in the Human-Centered Data Science Lab.

Tutorials & Workshops

Contact me about lectures, hands-on tutorials, or workshops - tailored to your group or organization - on such topics as:

  • light-weight, applicable user research methods
  • analyzing user-generated data, such as comments, using state-of-the-art automated and semi-automated methods
  • data visualization for analysis and communication
  • incorporating mindfulness and self-tracking for productivity and creativity
  • Peer-Reviewed Publications

    C. Chen, L. White, T. Kowalewski, R. Aggarwal, C. Lintott, B. Comstock, K. Kuksenok, C. Aragon, D. Holst, and T. Lendvay. Crowd-Sourced Assessment of Technical Skills (C-SATS): A Novel Method to Evaluate Surgical Performance. Journal of Surgical Research 2013.

    K. Kuksenok, M. Brooks, Q. Wang, C. P. Lee. Challenges and Opportunities for Technology in Foreign Language Classrooms. CHI 2013. (Best Paper Honorable Mention)

    K. Kuksenok, J. Mankoff, M. Brooks. Accessible Online Content Creation by End Users. CHI 2013.

    M. Brooks, K. Kuksenok, M. K. Torkildson, D. Perry, J. J. Robinson, T. J. Scott, O. Anicello, A. Zukowski, P. Harris, C. Aragon. Statistical Affect Detection in Collaborative Chat. CSCW 2013.

    T. J. Scott, K. Kuksenok, M. Brooks, C. Aragon. Adapting Grounded Theory to Construct A Taxonomy of Affect in Collaborative Online Chat. SIGDOC 2012.

    J. Mankoff, K. Kuksenok, S. Kiesler, J. Rode, K. Waldman. Competing Online Viewpoints and Models of Chronic Illness. CHI 2011.